Into A New Year.

7. January, 2014

Vi dro på sjøen for å se sjøfugl i solnedgang over holmer og skjær den siste dagen min på øya. Min mor, naturfotografen, fikk mange fine bilder av skarv og ørn, og jeg fikk fine bilder av familien. Det var så veldig stille og vakkert, og jeg føler alltid at jeg “nullstilles” der ute på bølgene. Det ble, med andre ord, den perfekte avslutningen på oppholdet mitt hjemme og en kjempefin start på det nye året.

We went in search of sea birds and the sunset over the islets on my last day on the island. My mother, the nature photographer, got plenty of pictures of cormorants and eagles, and I got great pictures of my family. It was so very serene and beautiful, and I’ve always felt so incredibly at peace out there on the water. In other words, the perfect end to my stay at home and start to the new year.

5 kommentarer til “Into A New Year.”

  1. Alma sa:

    The real glam of any new year, beautiful places and dear people, it can hardly start in a better way. Lovely pictures. Happy New Year,-)

  2. mamma sa:

    SAVNER!! :)

  3. evdokia t. sa:

    a happy new year to you and your family!
    beautiful fotos!
    and your dog is so pretty!

  4. Linn Maria sa:

    Thank you guys, and happy new year to you, as well! :)

  5. Gisi sa:

    Hello, Linn,

    I simply must visit Norway. This I realised by looking at your photos.
    Luckily we´ll spend our summer-family-holiday-week in Sweden, another very beautiful northern country. We travel with 2 parents, 3 daughters, their boy-friends/ husband and 1 grandson.
    I wish you a very happy year with lots of good experiences.

    Greetings from Hamburg!