Enough Now.

12. March, 2014

Etter noen dager med hint av vår og varmere temperaturer, våknet vi til nok en snøstorm i dag. Forhåpentligvis den siste for sesongen. Både pusene og jeg har fått nok.

After a few days with hints of spring and warmer temperatures, we woke up to yet another snow storm today. Hopefully the last one of the season. Cats and I have had it.

2 kommentarer til “Enough Now.”

  1. evdokia t. sa:

    look at that face behind the door :)
    “white again?” :D

  2. Linn Maria sa:

    Hehe, I know, he’s so excited now that the snow has finally started to melt. He’s jumps around outside all giddy, like a cow that’s finally been let out after a long winter ;)